Trello Board for Codename: Skates

Setting up Trello

We now have a publicly available Trello board for our latest project! We are currently working on a top-down vertical scrolling shoot ’em up codenamed “Skates”. In this game, you fly a helicopter through several missions full of enemies.

Access Trello:

Trello is a free task/project management tool. Tasks that are still to be started are in the “To Do” board, over on the left. Tasks that are currently in progress are in the “Doing” board there in the middle. Finally, tasks that have been completed are in the “Done” board on the right.


Play Nebulazor Now

Game Jolt


Nebulazor is a simple arcade-style vertical scrolling shoot ’em up created in Unity. Your goal is to shoot your way through an enemy infested nebula and get your score as high as possible. You have limited energy for your weapons, which regenerates slowly over time, so make every shot count! When you collect a point pickup, you will be rewarded with a small amount of energy for your weapons.

We realize the game is not completely polished, but are hoping for feedback anyways!


screenshot1  screenshot2  screenshot3


Devlog #17: The Livestream

Over the last month we’ve had fun doing the livestream. We made new friends and everyone had a great time during this month-long experiment.

After a month of livestreaming, we’ve discovered that we can’t maintain the same level of production that we could before.

So we are no longer able to continue the game development livestream. However, we are looking at other ways to involve the community.

Development on Volund will continue. We will also be releasing daily development logs as usual.

Thank you for being a part of our community!

Devlog #16: The Bugs are Fixed… I Think

Well, the good news is that this works!

Volund - 2D MMORPG

I finally managed to fix pulling across map borders. You still aren’t moving your target… But at least you are not longer getting stuck.

I still had a host of small bugs to fix today, this being one of them:

Volund - 2D MMORPG

Fortunately, I managed to get most of the bugs fixed. The last remaining glitch is causing you to be unable to enter “pulling mode”… But it’s so difficult to replicate that I can safely leave it alone for right now.

I also redesigned part of the movement system.

Volund - 2D MMORPG

Previously, the UI was using polling to issue move and change direction commands to the logic layer. This code really did not need to be running at 60Hz.

I redesigned the code to issue those two commands based on different events. For example, the move command will now be issued when the “I want to move” event is raised, among others.

Devlog #15: Pulling is Buggy

The Pulling Mechanic

So, today I started work on the “pulling” mechanic. This mechanic allows you to pull other characters around the map.  Such a feature would be useful in combat, and would also aid in forcing characters out of choke points.

I decided to get it working in a simple situation first: Neither the target nor the grabber is moving. I expected this to take two hours, tops… I am currently well over 5 hours into this task. So much for simple!

I keep coming back to this, but one of the big reasons why adding new mechanics takes so long is the state of the code base. But, I am gradually redesigning it.

The Bugs

I don’t have much more to say on the subject. So, I’ll leave you with a sampling of the sort of bugs I had to fix today:

Volund - 2D MMORPG

Volund - 2D MMORPG

Volund - 2D MMORPG

Devlog #14: The World of Volund has been Mapped!

Grabbing Sprite

Today started off with a relatively easy task: Add in a “grabbing” sprite for when a character grabs on to another.

I started off with getting things setup to add the sprite to the character’s spritesheet. This went well, however I discovered something surprising: It was already there! Wishing I had noticed this sooner, I quickly moved on to adding in the simple logic for triggering the new sprite.

Bugs Fixed

two new bugs

I managed to squash three bugs today. Two of these bugs are currently present in v0.3.3.

  • When being grabbed by two other characters on opposite sides, it was impossible to escape.
  • Characters were jittering back and forth when attempting to move into a blocked tile on a northern map.
  • The character’s sprite wasn’t being set properly after grabbing another character. This bug was only present in development builds.

Badly Needed Refactoring


I spent the rest of the day refactoring/redesigning the server’s movement code. A majority of this work involved moving methods out of the VolundServer god object and into separate classes.

The code was separated based on whether it handled synchronization or game logic. Currently I’m just throwing synchronization-related code into the PacketHandler class. Game logic code winds up in the GameLogic class, which is at least a bit better.

Community Report

Captain Argentina and Pema99 have mapped out the world of Volund! WARNING: These maps contain spoilers!

Later in the evening, Red Squirrel returned to his house to find…  A gigantic “R” spelled out in characters! Who could be behind this?

RedSquirrels House Invaded